Reflexology works on the premise that the soles of the feet and the hands are a mirror image of the body and that every organ and system in the body has a reflex point in the feet and hands  Also that there are energy zones in the body which run from our heads right through our bodies to our feet and by stimulating these points and zones, we are also stimulating the various systems and organs in the body.  By stimulation at one point brings about a response in another point or area.   In reflexology by using special pressure techniques to stimulate the points on the feet and hands, imbalances in the tissues, organs and systems of the body can be both detected and effectively treated to restore balance and well being.

Reflexology is a natural holistic therapy. As a natural therapy it only uses the technique of human therapeutic touch and interaction to bring about its results. It can help to reduce stress and bring about deep relaxation and seeks to work with the body’s natural or innate healing efforts to stimulate the self healing mechanism of the body.

 Reflexology can also improve circulation and give a person a feeling of balance and revitalization of energy inducing a sense of well being and vitality...

Dr. William Fitzgerald worked in the early twentieth century  and developed a system of treatment called zone therapy that involved applying pressure to specific parts of the body in order to achieve a pain relieving effect elsewhere.  According to zone therapy the body consists of ten zones made up of vertical sections that run from the toes to the top of the head and down again to the hands. These zones are thought to be linked by energy flow rather like the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicines. As a result controlled pressure on one part of the body can affect another part of the body in the same zone. Dr. Eunice Ingham, an American Physiotherapist, built on this work and developed the now standard chart of reflexes which is in widespread use today.   Her techniques involve stimulating certain points on the feet and hands in a certain way, the thumb or fingers alternate pressure with relaxation as they move carefully over every millimeter of skin in a smooth flowing movement.

The client is fully clothed during the treatment with only the shoes and socks being removed. If however you do not like people touching your feet, the treatment can be also carried out on the hands.